Minding the Machines

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Make data science part of the lifeblood of your business, and avoid costly missteps

By now, almost every organization has stepped into the world of big data analytics–and some of us have already tried again and again to get it right. We know that data science has the potential to unlock tremendous value, so why is it so hard to get it right? In Minding the Machines, analytics strategy expert Jeremy Adamson explains that the problem is often one of too many cooks in the kitchen, and too few recipes for success. This book shows you how to blend data science with business acumen.

Inside, you’ll find a roadmap for internalizing the three pillars of analytics: strategy, process, and people. Create an analytics operation that can truly transform outcomes.

  • Install the right leaders and position your analytics unit within your organization
  • Integrate analytics insights into the business in a constructive and meaningful way
  • Identify and fully commit to projects that will add value over the long term
  • Hire the right people and get them working for the organization as a whole

Anyone who aspires to be part of a world-class analytics team will benefit from the tasks, methods, and frameworks clearly presented in this valuable book.

“For leaders craving a playbook that puts together all the key elements required for building a high performing Advanced Analytics & AI function in a comprehensive but down to earth manner, this book is most definitely a must read.”
— Celia Wanderley, Chief Customer Officer and Head of Services at AltaML

“… with detailed explanations and checklists throughout, anyone looking to grow an analytics and data science organization can find support within the book.”
— Bill Franks, author of The Analytics Revolution, and Director, Center for Statistics and Analytical Research, Kennesaw State University

” … a valuable resource for all parties as they advance the role of analytics, and being digital, in their organization… “
— Lee Ackerman, Director of Digital Strategy, SAIT‘s School for Advanced Digital Technology

Robot Theology

So grateful to have had a chance to read Robot Theology by Joshua K Smith For a humble practitioner it’s easy to work on a problem without asking what the impact might be.  You can ignore the ugly question about whether you can abrogate responsibility by creating a model that makes decisions you would be…

Value-focused data transformations

Had an amazing time a Snowflake’s #dataforbreakfast event in beautiful #Halifax speaking about a value-focused approach to a #data transformation. Great to see so many fellow practitioners passionate about data and #analytics!

Data for Breakfast

Looking forward to discussing the Steele Auto Group data journey at Snowflake’s #Data for Breakfast event in #Halifax on March 7th! Hope you’re able to join! [Link]. Big thanks to Owen, Kara, and Caleb for the kind invitation and organizing this event.